Because the Night

Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?

I’m an early bird because I have to be, not by choice. It’s that thing called work that forces me out of bed earlier than I want to be. And that makes it hard to be a night owl, although I’d rather.

On the weekend, I tend to be more the “morning” person, but certainly not an early riser. Saturday, my reward is to sleep until I feel like getting up, but it’s always earlier than what I want. Seems this body just decides, whether it’s a work day or not, I’m getting up early. However, as an early bird, I do get to enjoy a quietness unlike any other time of day. Something about the stillness of day.

My most productive time of day is definitely in the mornings. More energy and less distractions. Even at my job, I do the more intensive tasks first, because come the afternoon, I have no desire to really concentrate, so I save the more mundane tasks for the afternoon. As for when I do my best work…all the time. Regardless of the task, I do my best work.

Figuratively speaking, I would say my “best work” is when I am relaxed, in a good mood, it’s sunny out, and I had a good night’s sleep and have down a cup of coffee or tea.

Yeah, an early bird I am, although the night owl longs to be set free!



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