I Can’t Stay Mad At You


Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

Let me rephrase it….Would you want people holding grudges against you, or would you want them to forgive you and move forward? I want the later, therefore, I should give it too. Society holds to many grudges and wants to get even. There’s an entitlement thought process that we carry with us, and when we think we’ve been wronged, we don’t stop and put ourselves in the other persons shoes. And if we did stop for just a moment and think, forgiveness would come a lot easier.

I believe in God. I believe in Jesus and what His death represents…forgiveness. So for me, although not simple, I must forgive those who I feel have wronged me. Jesus is my example and I must follow that example. By doing so, I can only pray and hope that when I pass that forgiveness to another that they see the gift from Jesus and are willing to pass it on when they are wronged.

Besides, why live a life of being angry. Forgiveness offers a freedom to truly let the past go and move forward. You see, forgiveness isn’t about the other person…it’s about YOU and allowing yourselves the freedom from the past and living happier from that point forward. Don’t forget what was done, but forgive what was done, because if you come full circle, we all want that forgiveness bestowed upon us, and you cannot get what you don’t give.



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