Saved By The Bell (of teardrops)

Tell us about a time when you managed to extract yourself from a sticky situation at the very last minute.

A little background. This takes place on a two lane highway where the posted speed limit is 55mph.

It’s a beautiful sunny summer morning. I’m cruising along at my set speed of 62mph. Ahead in my sight is a semi trucks. My speed is faster than his and with a clear view in sight and no one coming in the other lane I decide I’m going to pass the truck. So, I move over and “accelerate” in order to pass the semi. (do you see where this is going???)

Half way past the truck, I see lights off in the distance…so I “accelerate” some more to get past the truck, move back over and start to gently slow down from the top speed of 72mph. And as I’m doing that, I get a much clearer vision of the car whose lights were coming at me belong to….(wait for it….yes, the County Sheriff). I’m a dead ringer! So as he is turning around, I decided to pull over and simply wait for him.

I answered all his questions but when he asked me the last time I got a ticket was, I kinda lost it and started to cry! Composure is gone and tears are starting to roll. I get it together before he comes back, and apparently tears really do work because he let me go with a warning.

Before he let me on my way, he did inform me that that ticket would have been $175 and 4 points. Apparently, on a two lane highway, you can only pass in the other lane when what you are passing is going under the posted speed limit…not just to go around him because I wanted to. Who knew?


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