First Sight

Whether a person, a pet, an object, or a place, write about something or someone you connected with from the very first second.

That moment you lay your eyes on it, you just know that you are meant for it. Something about it draws you near. The wonder doesn’t cease but the anticipation builds. Could it be? Could it really be what I’ve been looking for all this time?

I do think chocolate fits this prompt easily. And as I often say, whenever in doubt, eat chocolate. And yes, I could even put my husband in this prompt…although it took a little longer than the very first second. A good couple hundred…but I knew pretty darn quickly.

And, I’m not really sure that I’ve ever jumped at the very first second without any doubt or question. After all, I am human. And so I have to really stop and think….what one thing have I instantly been drawn to…but the more relevant question for me…am I still drawn to it now like I was then?

Well, I can certainly tell you want it’s not:

  • Books: I’m the kind of person that researches, checks online, goes to a book store to “look” at the book, and then hems and haws about whether I want the book at that moment, or buy it cheaper on Amazon. And yes, the kindle version is also a possibility.
  • Clothes: Never have I ever walked into a store, seen an article of clothing and declared it mine.
  • Food: I need a minimum of two bites…unless the taste is icky, then forget it. No chance at all.
  • Music: I’m such an iTunes girl. Being able to buy a single versus an entire album is awesome! But even for a single, I play the snippet over and over and over.
  • My blog: We won’t get into the details of how long it took to decide on the design. And the little cherry up top bugs me, but I wanted something bright and cheery. Apparently this template was the bright and “cherry”. (And if anyone out there has $30 burning a hole in their pocket, I’d love the “customization” upgrade for my blog!)
  • Yarn: ok, I’ve purchased many skeins because I’ve simply touched them and they feel awesome. But my craft room will tell you that I have no idea what to do with all that yarn. Retirement should be interesting (provided I get there!)
  • Flowers for my garden: The search each year is endless…yes, I’m still searching for more than what I bought.
  • My House: Although I instantly fell in love with the front porch, even this wasn’t a first sight gotta have it thing.

Ok…so you get the idea here. Lots of things I really like. Lots of things I’m really drawn to, but nothing so far that the second I saw it the world stopped spinning and the universe shifted because I had finally found that one thing on first sight that there was a connection to unlike anything else!

And then it hits me. It’s not something tangible, but more something you just take in. Something you have to be diligent about because it’s one of those things that if you blink, you will miss it, but more so, if you don’t stop and do it, you’ll never appreciate it for all the glory and beauty it brings.

Nature. There is beauty in nature that is simply break taking. And at that first sight, you are awestruck with it. It’s nothing you can make, sometimes, you cannot even touch it. But it’s our very own perception of what we are looking at and how deep it will draw you in.

As spring is just beginning (yes…it’s been a long hard winter and spring is just starting to show) I’m reminded of all the beauty it brings. Color comes back to a dull landscape. The sound of the birds replaces the dead silence. The sun shines longer each day and suddenly the rest of the world can just vanish.

I connect with the beauty of nature because it’s not something I have any control over, but I certainly get to enjoy the results.



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