Unexpected Guests


You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

What I really find funny about this prompt:

  1. That I would find a couple I don’t know sitting in my living room
  2. That I would have cake in the house

This prompt seems like someone just randomly picked some topics out of a hat and strung them together to make a prompt! But I’ll play along…isn’t that what this blog is all about???

So what happens next??

Option #1:  I would say hello and introduce myself. After all, they are eating cake, so how bad can these people be? Then, I would call for my husband and make him do the explaining! And of course, ask if there’s any more cake!

Option #2:  Walk right out of my house and dial my husband asking why there are strangers in my house eating cake?

Option #3:  Scream and ask what in the world they are doing in my house eating cake.

Option #4: Act like I’ve known them all my life and ask the question, “we have cake?”

Option #5: Ask them to leave…and to take their cake.

Option #6: Leave the house and call the police and try not to laugh that two strangers are eating cake in my house.

Ok…those are my options, now let’s see how my husband would react? I texted him the prompt and his reply was:

I grab a fork, punch the guy out, and hang with the woman eating cake.

Yes, an awesome answer…and apparently I am out of the picture because he is eating cake with the women…but that’s ok…I’m not much of a cake fan anyway!



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