Game of Groans

Think about an object, an activity, or a cultural phenomenon you really don’t like. Now write a post (tongue in cheek or not — your call!) about why it’s the best thing ever.

Social Media…and in a variety of ways. I actually despise it, but sadly, everyday activity now revolves around it. Some types I participate in willingly, and others I fall victim to having to participate, or else risk being cut off from the rest of the world! And yet, I venture to say that our world has changed so much with social media that we cannot simply do away with it…or can we?


Really? We’ve now have the need to pin pictures to a website in order to “save” them? What is our end game when it comes to saving such pictures? Not to long ago, there was an uproar over the legality of the site (anyone remember Napster) and the war still rages on to what is consider public domain. For the record, I was a willing participant, created an account, and saved some pictures, however, I pretty much got bored with the site and abandon it.


Hashtag THIS!! I have yet to even understand it…but that didn’t stop me from attempting to dabble in it…although I never approved any “followers” and I’ve since deleted the user name I came up with. Yet that doesn’t stop the endless stream of hashtags that invaded everything in life now. I swear the first word a baby learns today is hashtag….because you know they were hashtagged when they were first born! Twitter can go away and I wouldn’t shed one tear.


Because the world according to Google was enough? Now we need the +. And you are required a user Google ID to access any thing within their world. And that would include our biggest blog rival…which I’ll get to in a bit. But Google doesn’t just stop with social media, they’ve claimed the Earth now too! I’ll admit to using Google Earth, but anything else is done not knowingly. You all know where my blogging loyalty lays.


Hate it more than hashtagged Twitter, yet I would be outcast from the world without it. Like, comment, poke, news feed, messages, and notifications have never been so prevalent in my language. And I’m all for loving thy neighbor, but when your “friends” list consists of complete strangers, I become a bit baffled. People I’ve never met, never talked to, but share a common like, suddenly are my friends? No thank you. But I’m not done here.

When did our society become a place in which to put lives out for all to see? Yet, a data breach at a national retail gets a CEO fired. We’ve aired everything for everyone to see! And yes, that includes our once valued “personal information”. You know why…because we give it out without thinking twice about it! We allow every website to track us and our habits. We allow merchants to track everything we buy. We allow our phones….I’ll get to that!

At last count 33 of my 81 “friends” were people I have never met. Although I have had contact (via messages or emails) enough that I know them as an acquaintance. Could I just “unfriend” them? Of course! However, we find strange loyalty once we do friend someone, and the unfriending is pretty much unheard of. But fear not! I have done it, and honestly, when looking at those 81, I could easily unfriend about half of that 33 without thinking twice. But that is for another day.


Really? Smartphones a form of social media? Well, yes. And here is why. We are ALWAYS looking down at them, and they have become our master! We are puppets when it comes to the chimes and dings and notification alerts of the smartphone! It’s so sad. Our existence is all caught up in a piece of technology in which we don’t do what is in the name…talk on the phone. Do we even know what that is anymore? We don’t talk to people anymore…we text them.

And then there are all the apps that run our lives, remind us what to do, where to be, or advise us of the latest scuttlebutt. We are so engrossed that we feel we must never leave our phones (which we rarely use as such) behind! We even feel we need to drive with them…one eye on the road, and one on our damn phones! PUT IT DOWN!!!

I draw the line here. I don’t text and drive, nor do I even talk and drive. It’s not THAT important.


A community of writers banned together to share how they feel, ideas, stories, and the like. I get that. I enjoy that. And before the publicness of blogging, I simply wrote and journaled in private. I’m all for blogging. It’s as diverse and unique as each writer who authors one.

Unlike any other social media, I find blogging is a positive, even though there is no human interaction…simply likes, a few comments, and a lot of pingbacks. Justification indeed. Don’t like one can of social media, but have no problem with the other.

So, in conclusion, we traded in a human society for a society that is run by computers, and dominated by likes and comments and the pings and dings of notifications…and then we complain when it doesn’t work, instead of just doing what we always did…interacting with the human race! I miss human interaction and sometimes am sadden by the fact that our only way of communication is social media.


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