Futures Past


As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How close or far are you from that vision?

Does a princess count? I’m sure I wanted to be that, although I am not the frilly princess type girl. Queen sounds more like me…but then again, I’m not sure I really ever wanted to be that either.

President was never a consideration, and largely due to the fact that here in the United States, we have yet to have one.

Maybe a teacher, although I’m not sure what kind I thought of being. My mom didn’t work, so the only job I really knew was what my dad did. He worked in construction…again, not something a girl did.

Secretary seemed glamorous to me in my kiddo days, but as I grew older, I really wanted to be the boss!

A news person sounded cool too, but never peaked my interest enough to pursue it. A weather girl seemed awesome, especially way back when when the clouds and sun were Velcroed to the map on tv! Sports was always a guy thing…back then anyway.

Government or anything political didn’t interest me in the least bit.

Motherhood was never something I wanted…especially full time, but being a wife…yeah…I always dreamed of that!

hmmmm…so how did I end up here doing what I’m doing and being who I am?

Well, I did kind of go along the secretary route. I began my career as an administrative assistant, and over the course of my 20+ year career, and some college education, I am now a financial analyst.

I also found the love of my life nearly 21 years ago, and soon we will celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary. So happy that came true!

Bottom line, I’m right where I am supposed to be, and if change is needed, well, then I’ll move along. But for now, my path is pretty good.



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