Climate Control

The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?

It may be an old idea, but it still holds true today…well, at least for this girl.

I live in the Midwest of the United States, and we are coming off our coldest winter on record. No, not the most snow…we actually didn’t have as much as in previous years. But the coldest. For six months, we never were above 32 degrees, and went through two stretches of temps never hitting above zero for several days, while the wind chills remained near or below zero for weeks. We had more school and business closing than I ever remember. The beauty that winter can bring was hidden this year, as the cold and lack of sunshine nearly set off a depression.

I felt as if I never saw daylight as I was up before the break of dawn and was always coming home in the dark. The weekends offered me some sunlight, but the bitter cold kept me inside and near the fireplace just to keep warm. As the calendar changed months and spring was supposed to show up, the cold just wouldn’t let up. Days and days of below normal temps followed by days and days without seeing the sun took its toll on me. I was so desperate for warmth and sun and my mood was about as low as the temperatures.

After getting through all that, we went threw one of the wettest springs which meant no sunshine, lots of clouds, and always raining. Although the flowers certainly enjoyed it, I simply longed to sit out on my front porch, go for walk, and just bask in some sun. Yes…a harsh winter following by a miserable spring.

The official start of summer is less than a month away….and as happy as that should make me, I’ve realized that the days will then become shorter and my sunlight will dissipate. Seems almost cruel considering the brutality of the winter, but I can’t think of that now.  The 80+ degrees today with the warmth of the sun brought me much happiness today. So I’ll hold onto that feeling over the next week and hope that the weather forecast is completely wrong…5 days of rain without sunshine.

Let’s hope my mood isn’t too bad.


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