A new type of writing for Friday’s. It’s called Five-Minute Friday. It’s a prompt in which you simply write about for five minutes without stopping….let’s go!!

It’s what allows me to touch, feel, hold things, throw things, even mold things.

I knit with them, just sit with them, read, feed, and weed with them.

They can be gentle, rough, tough or filled with stuff.

They can make a noise, or quietly decide, give a gentle wave, or clap for just one more lap.

They can be pretty or natural, and come in all shapes and sizes.

They grow with us, teach us, and are the final judgement to impeach us.

They can be good and filled with love, or evil and become nothing but a thug.

Our hands touch everything, including my pillow to end my day,

but there’s still no rest, for these hands of mine, for the first to rise

I can only hope I do them no harm, as I hit that darn alarm.



    1. Thank you. I decided to make this post my first attempt at “poetry”. I want to learn to write it well, so I thought a quick five minute post would be a good start! Thank you for stopping by!

  1. jayne, thanks for stopping by my blog at FMF. i took a browse at yours and decided you are one clever lady! your words rhyme and everything:) wow! i’m very impressed. i love what you did with your hands post. somehow i didn’t feel especially inspired by mine but i love what you did with yours:) great job!

    1. Thank you! I’m wanting to learn to write poetry, and so I thought something quick and without a lot of thought was a good first start! Also…know that sometimes, we are guided to do things that may not inspire us so much…but God has a bigger plan and uses our words to inspire others! So be inspired knowing God will use it…even if you don’t know how! Appreciate you stopping by!

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