Antique Antics

What’s the oldest thing you own? (Toys, clothing, twinkies, Grecian urns: anything’s fair game.) Recount its history — from the object’s point of view.

Hello!! I’m Nester. I’m taking over Jayne’s blog for today! I heard that the prompt for today was about an antique. Well, I am an antique all right. This past Easter, I turned 38 years old. I’ve had a few surgeries over the years to repair some of the aging that has occurred, and most recently, I had a stuffing transfusion! That was pretty scary, but I made it through and am better than ever!

Maybe I should introduce myself a little bit better. I’m a stuffed rabbit that was given to Jayne for Easter in 1976. I was as bright as the winter snow and so soft and fluffy! She loves rabbits, so I was her Easter basket gift. She didn’t play with me right away. She had other stuffed animals she liked better. But I never gave up hope. I knew someday I would get to be her favorite. It took about a year.

When she moved again the next year, some of her animals just had to go because they were beyond any repair. She didn’t like that, and so she would cry. I pushed myself to the front of the animals so she would see me. My brown eyes caught hers and she yanked me by my ears. Oh, it didn’t hurt because I knew I could be her favorite. I so badly wanted to be her very favorite, so I sacrificed my ears so she could wipe her tears.

Over the years, she would snuggle with me every night as she would fall asleep. I felt so much love from her that I didn’t even realize that my fur was slowly getting less fluffy. And more so that my insides were slowly deteriorating. All my softness was just disappearing a little more each night she held me.

MOVE OVER NESTER!!! HELLO!!!! I’m Rag Doll Eeyore!!! I’m Nester’s BEST friend and we play all day!! I’m old too!! Maybe not as old as Nester, but I came into the picture when she was sick once and needed someone to snuggle with, but not the bunny because she didn’t want him to get sick.

EEYORE!!! What are you doing???

I’m telling the story, Nester. This is OUR story!! You can’t just hijack her blog! We have to do it together!!

Eeyore, we are going to get in so much trouble. She will be mad at us.

Nester, when has she EVER been mad at us? NEVER!!! Just don’t tag her, and finish the post before she gets home from work!! Besides, she’s in Madison today. I heard her tell Billy. So stop worrying!! We’ll be fine. Just quiet so Billy doesn’t hear us!

Eeyore, can we tag ourselves? That would be cool!!

Sure, Nester!! Let’s do it. Ok…so where were we? Oh…yes, I came into the picture when she was sick, and now Nester and I get into mischief all the time! And I mean all the time!! We love to get into stuff…and then blame Billy (that’s her husband). You see, he’s supposed to watch out for us during the day, but he leaves us to our own devices and therefore we get into everything!!

Yeah!! I love to bounce on Eeyore all the time. It’s bunny-donkey wrestling!! Hiiii—ya!!!

NESTER!!!! Not now…we have to tell about how old we are.

You’re old, Eeyore!! I’m new!! I just got new stuffing. Needed it since you jump on me all the time! Let’s play!! We can blog later.

No, Nester, we need to finish the story first, then we can play. Quiet…I hear Billy coming! shhhhh…

Whew, Eeyore, that was close!

I know, Nester.

Maybe we should just end by saying that we are Jayne’s favorite antiques, but we still take very good care of her. And she still snuggles us every night.

Eeyore, I’m not sure we were supposed to tell everyone that.

It’s ok, Nester. Really, it is.

Eeyore, do we have history to tell?

Actually, Nester, we just did. We told them how we met her, that we play together all day, and comfort Jayne every night. That’s what stuffed animals do.

Yes, it’s true, Eeyore. It is what we do. But we are real! She loves us so much that we are real. And this is our very first blog post! Eeyore, we just wrote our first blog post!

We did Nester!! Let’s celebrate with a couple of back flips off the new pillows!!! One…Two…JUMP!!!!!

Ok…we are going to sign off now so we can go and play! It was nice to meet all of you! Jayne should be back tomorrow, unless the blog prompt is looking for a bunny commentary.

Or a donkey commentary!!

Bye everyone!!

Nester and Rag Doll Eeyore.



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