Freudian Flips

Do you remember a recent dream you had? Or an older one that stayed vivid in your mind? Today, you’re your own Freud: Tell us the dream, then interpret it for us! Feel free to be as serious or humorous as you see fit, or to invent a dream if you can’t remember a real one.

I’m not one to remember my dreams all that much, and never ones that have a story to be told. I freak out sometimes when I remember something that is so real, that I’m not sure if it was a dream or not. But again, not really much of a story to tell here.

I find I dream more when I’m reading a good book. I find I want to be one of the characters. It’s great reading books of a different era, a smaller town, a far away country. The best fantasy a girl could ask for…a book!



      1. ( i don’t know this comment has been replied – my bad, my bad, sorry! )
        it’s my pleasure 😀 and sure, i’ll enjoy it as much as i can xD

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