Happy Birthday, America!!


Since many are marking their country’s “birthday” in the US today, we wanted to ask: How do you celebrate yours? Are you all for a big bash, or more of a low-key birthday boy/girl?

Low key, with just a little flair. I’m much more the quiet type that just likes to enjoy the day. I enjoy fireworks, however, I am not one to go and sit all day for the perfect “spot”. Honestly, I can see several from the comfort of my front porch. It’s the bugs that usually keep me in! I know a trip to the grocery store later to pick up a few items, including some ice cream. Can’t really celebrate this “birthday” without ice cream! A trip to the liquor store too for a bottle of wine, or as I referred to it yesterday…happy juice!!

My little flair will be dinner…grilled filet sirloin with a salad and some garlic bread, and of course, that ice cream. Yummy! And maybe a little trip to our local zoo, which has just $4 admission today verses the normal $16. And if not, maybe just a trip to a country park, or maybe just spending some quiet time out on my front porch as I dive into my latest novel. There will be baseball on tv, which is a favorite thing no matter what the day!

And this is a prelude to the weekend before heading back to work after having a week off. I’ll have to be more diligent to take advantage of a day or two off here and there just to enjoy this short-lived season of summer we have.

To all the non-US readers, I hope this day is joyful and pleasant for you and that even if it’s not a birthday, that you too have a wonderful, safe, fun weekend!



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