An Odd Trio

Today, you can write about whatever you what — but your post must include, in whatever role you see fit, a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel.

Ah…a week off of work. Yes, this was my week of “summer vacation”. A week is a week and believe me when I say that having the past week off offered a great time to just relax and rejuvenate myself, and do a few firsts! But that isn’t stopping me from trying to figure out when I can take another week off.

Normally, I would now wait until the first week of October, and take that week off. I love fall and October is special to me. Around that time, you can start to enjoy that bowl of soup that you’ve put off all summer because it’s just too hot. Although I still drink coffee and hot tea during the summer, but for whatever reason, it’s not the same as eating a bowl of soup.

I’m really not much of a beach person, (I don’t even own a swimsuit or beach towel), but this week I ventured out on a lake in a rented peddle boat! It was so much fun! The peddling was a little rough on the legs, but I’m fortunate to have a husband who bikes enough that he could peddle for the two of us! Regardless, I’d do it again…and we plan to…it’s just October can be chilly, so maybe I should plan on doing it a little earlier.

I also visited a couple of nearby zoos. The zoo yesterday has an exhibit called Big Cat Country which houses the lions, jaguars, tigers, and hyenas…which are so creepy looking! I enjoyed the lions the most, even though they were sleeping. Of course, I think that is the best kind of lion…a sleeping one!

I also went to a state park and attempted to hike, but the trail was flooded in parts, so we couldn’t do that, but we still had fun trying. We have plans to do a picnic lunch in a county park today. I even went to the dollar store and purchased some bubbles, a kite (yes, it comes with string for a $1), and what looks to be a frisbee, but I’m not sure if it will fly like one. But for a dollar it is worth trying.

Our picnic lunch means we go buy pre-made sandwiches at our local Kwik-Trip, along with a bag of chips, some drinks, and some of their cookies. For around $9 it’s lunch for two! Today, we’ll pack up some chairs and I’ll take a book. It’s my version of day camping! No tent, or fire, just a few things to do in a park after we eat. We aren’t the camping type, although in my head, it seems like a lot of fun!

I did a lot of reading over the week too. Went to the library earlier in the week to get some books. I’ve started a couple of them. I won’t have them done by the time I head back to work on Monday, but I read all the time, so it’s just not an issue! The older I get the more and more I come to appreciate our library system and all it offers. Reading new books is just one benefit, but the one I love the most!

We also grilled some steaks, which were so yummy (or maybe I was just that hungry!). Either way, it was very satisfying. We went for breakfast a couple of times too…which is really a favorite thing of ours to do. That is usually reserved for Sunday’s, but we made some exceptions. Oh, and we ate out one evening at Red Lobster. I had the salmon.

It was an awesome week off of work. The weather wasn’t perfect all the time, and when it wasn’t we watched part of a documentary while just sitting around enjoying the fact that we had no where to be, and at night, we watched baseball. We’ll see what the rest of the summer brings. I’m sure I can at least take a day or two here and there just to get away and do something.



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