Reviving Bricks…actually, I’m cutting logs!!

You just inherited a dilapidated, crumbling-down grand mansion in the countryside. Assuming money is no issue, what do you do with it?

Finally, I’ve hit it big time! Someone I don’t know has allowed me to inherit the perfect countryside location. It’s acres and acres of sprawling land. Wildflowers galore and a stream runs throughout the property and empties into a beautiful crystal clear lake! There are beautiful trees all around that give me the most peaceful landscape. No neighbors, no freeways or busy roads…just nature and all it’s beauty! A perfect setting.

Now as for my house…yikes…it’s falling apart and made of bricks. Some kind of mansion I guess. Honestly, it’s way to big for my liking. Yes…it would be nice to have the space to spread out, but I like a cozier living quarters with the landscape being the focal point, not the house. As far as I can tell, there is no historical meaning or value to this house. So the fact that it is crumbling to the ground is only helping my cause.

Money isn’t an issue in any way, so knowing that, I want to demolish the house completely! Yes…get rid of the eye sore and plant more trees and flowers. Maybe my vegetable garden would do well here. Demolition begins!!

2 months later…

Wow…demo took longer than I thought, but now I have this huge open space in which landscapers are now going to plant trees and flowers and make a pretty pathway down to the lake. They are also going to create a little beach area with a dock for my rowboat and my peddle boat. A nice little english garden filled with lavender and all the flowers that butterflies and hummingbirds like. And the path decorated with flowers too.

4 months later…

Winter has come and gone. Everything that was planted is now in full bloom! Ah…it’s so pretty. I can take my row boat out on the stream and row to my heart content. Now…I need to build my dream house down here near the stream.

Finally…I get my dream house. A log cabin! And not a big one either…something simple, yet has enough room for me and my husband. It must have a full porch that will have two log rocking chairs for us to sit on. An open space on the inside with a quaint kitchen, a living room space, and a full bath, and finally, the master bedroom, which would be big enough for a king size bed! On the porch, two rockers with a little table to put our drinks on. A grill too…maybe out back on the small patio we built. Oh, and down by our dock will be a fit pit so we can make campfires at night and see all the beauty of the stars in the sky. I’d make s’mores too!!

1 year later…

Yeah!! Construction is complete!! And after a couple of winters, and just a few set backs, my land and home are exactly as I want. I’m now going to go for a ride in my row boat. I’ll take a book and some knitting so I can just relax while drifting around my stream. One of the last details was to make the stream go around the house, so I could have a lazy stream, or go out into the lake…my choice!

Reality kicks in…

Back to work now…actually…off to lunch! I can still dream for an hour! Oh…here’s a picture of what I thought the house might look like. Enjoy!




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