Now or Later??

We all procrastinate. Website, magazine, knitting project, TV show, something else — what’s your favorite procrastination destination?

I seriously believe that it’s simply a matter of opinion of exactly what procrastination is…you see, I feel I do some of my best work under the pressure of the deadline. Because sometimes over thinking can be worse than just diving in and doing it. And who is to say that what you view as my procrastinating isn’t actually my way of simply prioritizing what I need to do…or want to do?

I had to chuckle however when I saw knitting project listed. I’m a knitter, with a room in my house dedicated to the craft, and yet I have several unfinished projects. Yet, I don’t view it as procrastination…rather simply not having a need to finish the project. There is a difference you know. As for other things…well, often finances will determine when and how the task is done.

Ok…but the prompt speaks of asking “what’s your favorite procrastination destination?” I didn’t realize that there was simply one destination in which I can accomplish all things I’m procrastinating about. I’m not really sure how to answer such a question. It’s not a one place fits all to go for those procrastinating moments.

But I can say that from personal experience, I am one to wait to do something more towards the deadline versus immediately. But it also takes all kinds to make the world spin happily…and my world spins happily when I can wait to do something until I absolutely have to do something. However, I am smart enough to know that if something needs more time, then I give it the time it needs.  What doesn’t work with my theory is that I never build in time for other things to happen, and sometimes that can then put me in a bind.

In the meantime…why worry…it will all get done sooner or later…and if it doesn’t, well, I’m probably ok with that too!


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