190 Days Later — Or, just my expectations


Back on January 21st, we asked you to predict what day #211 would be like. Well, July 30th is that day — how have your predictions held up so far? If you didn’t reply to the prompt at the time, is this year turning out to be as you’d expected?

This blog didn’t exist back on January 21st. I didn’t start this blog until mid-April with the only goal of blogging daily to the prompt. So, from mid-April to now, I have successfully done so! Yeah me!

So, I will blog based on the second half of the question…is the year turning out to be as I expected?

It is…and you know why? Because I don’t make any expectations! It’s harder to be let down that way! Now…am I looking forward to some things…absolutely, but that is different than an expectation.

For me, I just try very hard to take life one day at a time and never expect anything out of it. I am grateful to wake up each morning, and happy to walk in the door each night knowing my husband is there waiting for me. Everything in between I can take as it comes. It’s all about attitude. I want to simply be happy and enjoy the moment. Not always easy to do…but I certainly do try!



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