Writers Block Party


When was the last time you experienced writer’s block? What do you think brought it about — and how did you dig your way out of it?

I journal often, so writers block really isn’t an issue, but there are a few things I do in order to keep the writing flowing in my journaling.

  1. Always write something that you are thankful for
  2. Write about the weather
  3. Write using daily prompts
  4. Simply write that you have nothing to write about

Those four things can usually bring me out of my writing funk. By writing something I am thankful for it tends to allow my mind to drift and remember something else I wanted to write about. It also gets me to stop and think of what is truly important in life.

Writing about the weather can often lead to writing about your current day, or something you are looking forward too. I also find that by writing about the weather I often think ahead of things I want to do, or think into the next season. This one can really help bring me out of a writing block.

Daily prompts have an amazing way of helping one write. And sometimes it is the only writing I do, but the vast array of subject ensures I have something different everyday to write about. A site like this is great for prompts, but a simple Google search will give you many more ideas.

My last tidbit to just write that you have nothing to write about has led to some of my longest journal entries. If you try to tell yourself you have nothing to write about, your mind will tell you otherwise.



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