Think Again

Tell us about a time you made a false assumption about a person or a place — how did they prove you wrong?

You should never assume to begin with…and yet, we all do. Intentions can be good, but it’s amazing what we allow ourselves to assume…and how much we try to stand by those assumptions. And sometimes even when they prove us wrong, we still want to hold onto that assumption, because saying we were wrong is like calling defeat!

Honestly, I make assumptions every single day. From the moment I get up to the moment I call it a day I’m making assumptions about how I think things should go. Of course, that’s when disappointment sets in…when something doesn’t go the way I think it should. Or, when someone doesn’t do what I want, when I want.

And I’m sure many have assumptions about me too. But proving them wrong is never the goal. Here’s why…I am who I am. Your assumption of me isn’t going to get me to change who I am. But if you accept me for who I am before ever assuming what I should be to you, then all will be well.

Easy? No, not at all. But why should I make the assumption that it would be.


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