Off the Shelf

Take a look at your bookcase. If you had enough free time, which book would be the first one you’d like to reread? Why?

OH!! Yesterday’s prompt was about irony…and I have that irony today!!

Yesterday, I visited Half-Priced Books and picked up 4 nearly new books for just $2 each! I was nearly squealing over my find! 4 more books to join the bookshelf of about 20 books I have yet to read! I even needed to place some books on their side so I could fit the 4 new ones on the shelf.

And now today, I’m asked which book I want to REREAD!! Oh the IRONY!!! I have so many that I’ve purchased that are just waiting to be read…but instead, I’m to pick a book to reread. Not sure it’s 10,000 spoons worthy, but it’s irony nonetheless.

So to answer the question means I must first eliminate all the books I have not read (although I still wish to read every one of them!) But I really didn’t need to eliminate any books to know this answer. The book stares at me daily, and I so often say to myself that I should reread it…

…that book is

“Watership Down” by Richard Adams.

And I would follow it up with its sequel,

“Tales from Watership Down”.

I was contemplating which of the “new” books I wanted to take on vacation, or which books from the library I wanted to read…but maybe this is my chance to reread a few.


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