Ready, Set, Done

Our weekly free-write is back: take ten minutes — no pauses! — to write about anything, unfiltered and unedited. You can then publish the post as-is, or edit a bit first — your call.

And this is my favorite type of writing! No prompt…just whatever is on my mind! (and no editing…just raw writing)

It’s a very foggy morning here, but the temp is so mild. I went out to the lake this morning and if I focused really hard, I was able to see the 15 or so loons sitting so very still on the lake. It was the first time I had seen them, although I’ve heard them nearly every night I’ve been here.

Yesterday, we traveled about an hour Northwest and saw the most amazing waterfall. It was so big and so very powerful. But more so, it was just beautiful.

I thought a lot about my mom yesterday. I miss hearing her voice. Especially today. She would have called me this morning to wish me a happy anniversary (15 years!) and we would have talked about my time at the lake. I could have told her about the loons I saw this morning sitting in the foggy lake. Or the two eagles I saw soaring out of the pine tree yesterday.  Every picture I snapped I still think of her…because I would have emailed them to her so she could see it too. But I guess she has the best view now up in heaven!

Still…here’s a flower for you Mom! I will forever think of you when I see a Daisy..or Daisy-like flower!




  1. Happy anniversary. Where you live sounds so beautiful. I’ve never seen a loon or an wild eagle, so I envy you. (Over here, loons are crazy people and I’ve seen my share of them 😉 )

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