Ready, Set, Done

10 minutes. You and your keyboard (or smartphone. Or tablet. Or pen and paper). No pauses, no edits, no looking back: it’s free-write time!

Start: 11:20 am

Ok…I had to laugh at this prompt. Not because of the prompt itself (which is my favorite kind of prompt–free writing!!) but rather that pen and paper was listed as a way of answering the prompt! Yes, that would work, but not sure how us bloggers use pen and paper! Well, it just made me laugh!

I have a long day ahead of me. After work, I have a meeting to attend tonight which means I won’t get home until around 9pm. And since I’m already tired, I can only imagine how I’ll feel later in the day. I guess an extra coffee might help, but I’ve barely gotten through the first one.

My desk here at work is just loaded with to-do items, and yet I find no energy in which to do them. Sometimes, I just hate being the point person for so much. Guess I shouldn’t complain. I’m grateful to have a job.

I’d be deceiving myself is I said all is fine. I’m struggling with the recent loss of my Mom. I know that grieving is a process, but it’s a process that I am not liking. I know I will get through it, but at this moment, it’s a heavy load and I feel crushed by it.

I am looking forward to the weekend. I think the weather is supposed to be pretty decent, so maybe a little time on the front porch can happen. Or, curl up with a blanket and a book. Whatever I decide, at least I can do what I want and at my pace. Actually…it’s a long weekend for me! I get Monday off. Sweet.

Well, hope you all have an amazing day! My 10 minutes is up. And with no editing of any kind, this goes right to publish.

Stop: 11:32 am


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